Where To Buy Bounties On Nessus

bounties on nessus

Nessus is a tricky planet to navigate due to the caves, high mountains and small tunnels that link everything together. It can be hard to think of any central place that might have a vendor to purchase bounties from. Failsafe is a large AI that can be found in Exodus Black.

where to find failsafe in nessus
Failsafe is the AI vendor that you can purchase Nessus planet bounties from

Of all of the planet vendors that sell bounties in Destiny 2, Failsafe is one of the more tricky ones to locate. Even when you know where to look, it’s not going to be obvious where to go, especially if you did not spend much time on the story-related content. The video guide below will show you were to find Failsafe on Nessus and how to buy bounties.

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