Is The Dawning Event Pass Worth It?


Considering an entire season pass, which lasts for months costs 1000 silver, it seems a little expensive to charge the same amount of money for the event pass for the dawning which only lasts a few weeks. There are way less objectives and stuff to take part in for this event also. Is anyone willing to weigh on as to whether the dawning event pass is worth it or not?

Is The Dawning Event Pass Worth It
Destiny 2

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1 Answer

Dan -

The event pass for most of the seasonal events in Destiny 2 is the same sort of thing. While it may seem expensive, you are going to get some cosmetic items, which are normally quite expensive. 

In the case of the Dawning, you will spend 1000 silver and you will get an emote, a bike, and a ghost or maybe it’s a transmat effect. Either way, you are getting instant access to three items that are based around the Christmas event and are unlikely to be available to anyone in the future, making them a nice collector’s piece to have. 

So whether you find it worth it or not is simply down to these cosmetic items. If you are someone who does not care about cosmetics in Destiny 2, then you are probably going to think that this is a big waste of money. If you do are or just find that the items on offer are just too cool to miss out on, them you might pay for it.

There is no denying that the value for this is not nearly as good as a season pass but if you like the cosmetic items enough, it might be enough to make you drop the cash. 

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