How to Find The Vex Exclusion Zone

Vex Exclusion zone

The Vex Exclusion Zone is an area of the map on Neomuna that as some unique activities and events that take place while it is active. The location of the exclusion zone changes each day, which means you will need the map using the director each day to find its location.

The Vex Exclusion zone is easy to spot on the Neomuna map as there is a multicoloured digital rain effect falling in the area where it is active in. The video guide below will show you what this rain effect looks like. You will also notice that there is a multicoloured RGB-inspired icon on the map next to where the exclusion zone is so that you can easily see where it is.

Once you see what area the Vex Exclusion Zone is running on for the current day, you will be able to fast travel to the nearest point and make your way there. Once you are inside the zone, you will notice a visual effect on the screen that shows lots of moving white lines. If you have a quest objective that requires you to do something within this area, you will know you are inside when you begin to see this visual effect show up on the screen.

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