Teaching Me A Lesson Quest Guide

Teaching Me A Lesson Guide

Hateno village is one of the most enjoyable and chilled towns in Hyrule. There is a lot to love about the time you spend here. While you are sure to get caught up in the mayoral election side quest when you first visit this town, there are some other fun things to do. One of these is the Teaching Me a Lesson quest that you pick up from the teacher at the school.

The quest will come in two parts where you will need to find some material to help the teacher with the children. Both require you to do a bit of thinking and a bit of searching in order to get what is needed. This quest guide will help you solve both of the quests.

teaching me a lesson quest guide

Teaching Me A Lesson Part 1

This quest will start with the teacher trying to explain to the kids what the great calamity was and will ask them to find some picture-based evidence to show the kids. You will need to have obtained the camera to do this so if you do not have it, check out this guide for getting a camera and taking a picture. Once you have it, you can make your way to Kakariko village to take the picture.

Payas Hall in kakariko village

Head to Kakariko village and go to Payas Hall. This is the central house that is on its own facing the rest of the village. It is best described as being the main temple-style building of the town that is sitting above some water area.

Head inside this building and go upstairs to the bedroom and on the left, as you walk in, you will see the picture of the calamity on the wall. Take out the camera and take a picture of it. You will know you are looking at the correct picture as there will be a red circle with a tooltip when you aim the camera at the picture of the calamity.

picture of the calamity

You will need to return to the teacher when the class is in session. Class starts at 9 am but there can sometimes be a glitch where all four students do not show up so you may have to reload if the teacher is not accepting the picture from you. Once he takes the picture, he will give you some rice as a reward. Hold onto this as you will need it for the next part of the quest.

Teaching Me A Lesson Part 2

The second part of this quest will involve a cooking recipe that will require you to travel to two different regions of Hyrule to get the cooking ingredients needed. Both can be purchased from a vendor so this won’t cause too much trouble once you know where you need to go. So here is what you need to do to create the monster curry.

Where To Get Goron Spice

Goron spice is a simple cooking ingredient that can be purchased from the main store in Goron City. If you have not been here yet, then you will need to make your way up the mountain in the Eldin region. You will need to go here as part of the main story quest to investigate the four phenomena. If you have already been here, then you can quickly fast travel.

Once you are at the Goron village, look for the building that has a large blue clay pot on the roof. Head inside and you will see a collection of jars on sale. It will cost 16 rupees for a single jar. Buy this and you will now have one of the ingredients needed for the curry.

where to get goron spice

Where To Get Monster Extract

The teacher will tell you that you will need to head to Akkala to get the monster extract ingredient. You will need to head to the vendor in Tarrey Town, this can be found on the eastern side of Akkala. It is closer to the coast and is not too hard to find. There will be a Rito vendor in this town who will have vibrant purple bottles of monster extract for sale.

terry town location

Pick up a bottle of the monster extract for 50 rupees from the vendor here and you should now have the three ingredients that you need to make a monster curry.

monster extract

Now you just need to combine the ingredients needed to make the curry. Return to the school during school hours and speak with the teacher during class. This means returning after 9. If all the kids are not there yet, you can just wait.

When you speak to the teacher, he will ask u to give it to students. I hit an issue here when nothing was happening. It was due to one of the kids being late for school and the class did not start until all 4 kids were in their seats. It was at this point that I was able to give them the monster curry.

You will gain access to the farming field behind the school

Why Won’t The Teacher Let Me Give Him The Quest Item?

Whether it is the picture of the calamity from the first quest or the monster curry from the second quest, you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to provide the teacher with the quest item. This can happen due to any of the items in the list below. Check to make sure everything is correct.

  • School may be over. If you speak to the teacher in the evening, he won’t acknowledge that you have the item he needs. You will need to return to the school at 9 am and speak to him then.
  • A student is missing from the class. I am unsure if there is a story behind this or if it is just a glitch but if all four students are not sitting in their chairs, you will not be able to hand the item to the teacher. The class isn’t in session until all of the kids are in their seats.
  • You do not have the correct item for the quest. Double-check the guide for both of the Teaching Me a Lesson quests above to make sure you have the correct items.
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