How To Get The Camera Ability To Take Pictures

How To Get The Camera & Take Pictures

The Purah Pad has a camera feature, similar to the Shika slate from Breath of the Wild but the functionality is not available from the start of the game, which seems strange. Zelda was using the pad to take pictures at the start of the game and every time you use a Skyview tower, Link takes a bunch of pictures with it. Seems strange the camera doesn’t just exist. Anyway, it doesn’t, so you have to go and unlock the feature through a separate quest that is easy to miss.

This guide will explain what you need to do to obtain the camera in Tears of the Kingdom and how to use it to take pictures that you can use for various side quests.

How To Unlock The Camera

To unlock the camera, you will need to complete the quest called “Camera Work In The Depths”. This is picked up from Joshua in the lookout landing at the start of the game. Chances are you already have it. It is listed under the main quests of the game. It will require you to head to the depths to take a picture of a statue and in the process of doing this, the camera will be made available to you.

You will need to make your way to the Hyrule Field chasm and jump down to the bottom, making sure to avoid the gloom on your way down. When you get down, the guy will tell you that he has lost Robbie and that you should follow the trail of fires to find out where he has gone. This is an easy trail to follow, easier if you have bright bloom seeds.

Once you meet up with Robbie, he will ask you to take a picture of the statue and then notice that the camera on the porch pad is not working. He will fix the camera and explain how it works. The ability is now permanently unlocked for you to use for any other quests in the game such as the Teaching Me a Lesson quest.

tears of the kingdom camera

How To Take Pictures Using The Purah Pad

Once you have the camera ability, using it is quite easy. It is just like using the ultra hand or any other ability. Hold the L button and it will bring up the wheel of abilities. Select the camera and you will now have access to take pictures.

taking a picture

Aim the camera as you would with the scope and press A to take any pictures you want. Sometimes, if this is for a quest, you will see a red circle with a message appear when you are aiming the camera at something related to a quest.

Any pictures that you take using the camera will be available to view through the album which can be opened up by pressing the – (minus) button on the left Joycon. When you have a quest-related picture, the conversation option to show the person will become available and you will see the red circle over the picture when you open up the album to signal it is an image relating to a quest.

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