Where To Find Kakariko Village

Where To Find Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village has been a prominent village in the Legend of Zelda franchise for many years. In Tears of the Kingdom, you can return to the scenic village at any point in your adventure. There are plenty of quests to enjoy or maybe you just want to take in the scenery and listen to the sound of the cuckoo birds echo across the hills.

If you have made it far enough to discover the Sahasra slope skyview tower then you are pretty much at Kakariko village already. You can likely fast-travel here and glide to the village after using this tower.

kakariko village location

Kakariko is quite close to the starting area of the game.

  1. If you have found the Skyview tower mentioned above, head there and you can see from the map above that it is going to very a quick glide from here to Kakariko village.
  2. If not, we can start from the lookout landing in Hyrule field.
  3. Head to the southeast from here, making sure to go below the Lanayru wetlands.
  4. You will reach the duelling peaks, a really difficult-to-miss focal point of the area and you will also come across the stables here.
  5. If you follow the path along the mountain here, you will reach Kakariko village in a few minutes.
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