The Mysterious Eighth Quest Guide

The Mysterious Eighth

The Mysterious Eighth is a side quest that you will get in the underground of Gerudo town after completing the Heroines secret side quest. The quest will task you with finding seven metal spheres for each of the ancient goddesses and in doing so, you will reveal a secret about the eighth goddess.

You will have found one of these spheres after completing the heroine’s secret as the Gerudo woman will give you the sphere that has a sort of fireball shape on it before walking down toward the room that has the 7 pillars to hold the balls. This guide will explain where to find all 7 of the spheres for the Mysterious Eighth Quest from the Gerudo in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The video guide above will show you where to find all of the orbs. If you need some quick text, here is where to find all of the orbs. Keeping things nice and brief.

  • Found where the quest giver was for the stelae quest. She will give it to you once you finish the quest.
  • Walk down to the bar next to the prison cell, (same place with the secret entrance to the jail). You will find one of the metal balls in the sofa area.
  • A little further down from the prison there is an area with a bunch of beds. To the right side of the room, there will be some beds in the wall. You may see some gemstones up there. Climb up to find another metal ball.
  • Leave the underground area and walk straight ahead to ward the main gate in front of you. You will see a sphere to the left.
  • Similar to the previous one, there will be another sphere to the right, up the steps next to the sand lion pen.
  • Fast travel to the shrine on top of Gerudo town and look down to the right side of the town. You will see a small pile of sand on top of one of the buildings where there are lots of rough rocks. Fly down and blow the sand away. This will reveal a ball underneath.
  • The final one will require you to travel to the Kara Kara Bazar. You will find the ball sitting next to 2 men who are talking. You will need to complete the quest Lost in the Dunes.

Patricia Will Give You the Coordinates of the Metal Orbs

If you go to Particia, Riju’s loyal sand lion which can be found in the yard to the side of the throne room, you can feed her a splash fruit and in return, she will give you the X, Y, and Z coordinates of one of the balls. You will get coordinates like the following.

-3888, -2972, 0033
-3813, -2872, 0043
-3274, -2586, 0023

These may make sense to those who have played games like Minecraft. If you look at the mini-map at the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a series of three numbers, similar to those above. Those are your current coordinates. If you make your way to a point where those numbers on your map match the numbers Patricia gives you, you should find a sphere.

Can’t Find The Last Metal Ball For The Mysterious Eighth

This is going to be a common issue that you have while doing this quest. You have found six of the spheres but the final one is nowhere to be found? Giving Patricia a splash fruit will give you the coordinates of the last orb but I think I know the one you are missing. Six of the balls can be found in Gerudo town but the final one is found in the Kara Kara Bazar.

the mysterious eighth last ball

All The Correct Orbs Placed On Pedestal But Quest Is Not Completing?

This is a bug that may happen due to items getting loaded in and out of the game that can cause the orb to lift up and float in the air which will cause it not to register correctly. When you have all seven orbs placed on the pillars, the woman nearby will not acknowledge this and will still suggest that find all 7, even though they are already there.

bug with metal orb on goddess pillar

Check all of the orbs to see if any are floating like they are in the image above. If there is one, lift it with the ultrahand and put it back down. If you can’t spot any that are wrong, lift them all up and put them back down and it should correctly register them.

What To Do With The Giant Ball?

These balls are frequently used for puzzles in the different shrines in Tears of the Kingdom and many puzzles in dungeons. The question with this one, is where do you bring it? The good news here is that the quest objective will put a pin on the map to show you. You will need to bring this to the Gerudo sanctuary.

hidden eighth chamber
Once you go down into the chamber, read the stone tablet here to move onto the next part of the quest.

You can rent a sled seal or just walk with it using the ultrahand. It is not that far of a walk so you should get there quickly. Drop the ball into the hole in the ground and it should land inside the pit, unlocking the door. You will find a chest at the end of this room with a nice 300 rupees in it which is an easy source of Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

bringing the final metal ball to the Gerudo sanctuary
Drop the final large ball into the hole to unlock the door
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