Astroneer - Titanium

astroneer titanium

Titanium is a refined resource in Astroneer. Typically, we see this strong metal used in creating some sort of armour plating. In a game where there is nothing to defend against, the uses for Titanium may not be obvious.

How Do You Get Titanium?

Titanium is a metal that is created by smelting Titanite in a furnace. Most of us do not think twice about where metals come from, but a quick Google shows that Titanite is a real thing. Once you have some titanite, add it to a furnace and you will be set to start making use of this metal.

Smelting Furnace1 Titanite1 Titanium

What is Titanium Used For?

Titanium is used for creating a few later game items and structures. Since Titanite is a resource that you will not find until later in the game, you won’t be able to make much use of this metal for a while. The table below will show you all of the items and structures that can be crafted using this resource.

Creation MethodInputOutput Item/Structure
Small Printer2 TitaniumMedium Storage Silo
Medium Printer1 Steel, 1 Silicon, 1 TitaniumCrane
1 Glass, 1 Titanium, 1 Nanocarbon AlloyLarge Resource Canister
Large Printer1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Steel, 2 TitaniumExtra Large Curved Platform
2 Steel, 2 TitaniumXL Sensor Arch
Chemistry Lab1 Titanium, 1 Graphene, 1 NitrogenTitanium Alloy
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