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astroneer tungsten

Tungsten is a refined resource in Astroneer. It will be one of the first resources that players need to travel to another planet to obtain. Tungsten is created by smelting wolframite ore. In the real world, tungsten is generally refined further to create tungsten carbide where it will be used to improve the durability of cutting blades due to it being incredibly strong.

How Do You Get Tungsten?

In order to get tungsten, you will first need to obtain Wolframite ore. This will require you to travel to the moon of Terran. Once you have wolframite, you will need to use a smelting furnace and it will produce tungsten.

Smelting Furnace1 Wolframite1 Tungsten


What is Tungsten Used For?

Tungsten is used for creating some critical structures in Astronneer. It will actually be the key ingredient in helping you travel further into the solar system as it will allow you to create better rocket thrusters.

Once you have created all of the key structures that Tungsten allows you to create, you will also be able to use a chemistry lab to create tungsten carbide that will allow you to construct a large number of drill improvements for mining.

Creation MethodInputOutput Item/Structure
Backpack Printer1 TungstenFloodlight
Small Printer1 Tungsten, 1 SteelHydrazine Thruster
1 Tungsten, 1 AluminiumMedium Generator
1 Rubber, 1 TungstenWinch
Medium Printer1 Tungsten, 1 Glass, 1 CeramicChemistry Lab
1 Iron, 1 Tungsten, 1 ComponentTrade Platform
Chemistry Lab1 Tungsten, 1 CarbonTungsten Carbide


What Does Tungsten Look Like?

Tungsten is a refined resource and in its raw form, resembles a copper-like metallic material that will be found on cave walls below the surface of the planet’s surface. It can only be found on Terran so you will need to travel off-world in order to obtain it.

Once you have Wolframite, you can smelt it in a furnace. Once crafted, Tungsten looks like a brown, muddy coloured block that is a similar shape to many other refined materials from a furnace.

what does tungsten look like
As you can see from the image above, Tungsten is a brown, muddy like in its color with a slight shine to it.
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