Astroneer - Glass

astroneer glass

Glass is a refined resource in Astroneer. It can either be crafted or can occasionally be found in debris and ruined structures on various planets. Glass can be created quite early in the game and is a key component in many crafting recipes.

How Do You Get Glass?

You can sometimes find Glass on ruined structures on various planets. Quartz is a natural resource that when smelted, will produce glass. Use the crafting recipe below to create glass. Quartz can be found below the planet surface in caves and is easy enough to find.

Structure Input Output
Smelting Furnace 1 Quartz 1 Glass


What is Glass Used For?

If you have gathered some glass and are wondering what it is used for, here is some help. Here are all of the things you can create using glass.

Creation Method Input Output Item/Structure
Backpack Printer 1 Glass Small Oxygen Tank
1 Glass Small Wind Turbine
Small Printer 1 Copper, 1 Glass Medium Solar Panel
1 Glass, 1 Ceramic Medium Wind Turbine
1 Plastic, 1 Glass Medium Resource Canister
Medium Printer 1 Ceramic, 1 Tungsten, 1 Glass Chemistry Lab
1 Plastic, 1 Glass, 1 Iron Atmospheric Condenser
1 Glass, 1 Titanium, 1 Nanocarbon Ally Large Resource Canister
Large Printer 1 Copper, 1 Glass, 1 Plastic, 1 Graphene Solar Array
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