Fully Automated Steel Farm

automated steel farm

Steel is created by smelting iron. Since we already know it is super easy to build an automated iron farm in Craftopia, we will only need to add a few extra steps onto the normal structure of an Iron farm in order to produce an automated steel farm.

Since steel requires multiple bars of iron, you will find that a steel farm does not generate a huge amount of steel very fast. You could speed this up if you happen to find a location with multiple iron bedrock veins in close proximity that you can combine to push iron into a single chest. This can be tricky to pull off since bedrock doesn’t often spawn this close together.

1 – Setup An Automated Iron Farm

Start by finding some iron bedrock. Bedrock is fairly easy to find and iron is not that uncommon either so you should be able to find this once you leave the first island in the game.

You will need to build an excavator to get started. You can check out the full guide of building an iron farm here for better detail on how to automate the collection of iron.

infinite supply of iron
Using a simple set of craft connectors combined with blowers and absorbers, you can have a nice steady, infinite supply of iron that feeds into your steel farm

The short and sweet is to build the excavator on top of the Iron bedrock and have a chest nearby with an absorber that will consume all of the iron that is produced.

Use a craft connector to link the chest of iron ore to a smelting furnace and you will be able to link this output to another chest with an absorber to have an infinite supply of iron to feed to your steel farm.

automated iron farm
You should be able to find some iron bedrock and use this as a foundation for your automated supply of iron that is required in order to smelt it into steel

2 – Smelt Steel From Iron Chest

While we normally have to make use of absorbers and droppers to transfer resources from one structure to another, we can take advantage of a different and far more elegant connector for supplying a structure from a chest.

Using the craft connector, you can link a furnace to the chest that contains all of the iron in the same way that you did between the chest or iron ore and the smelter to create iron bars.

If you took advantage of multiple smelting furnaces for the ore, you may not be able to do the same to smelt steel bars. Since steel requires multiple pieces of iron to create steel, you more than likely won’t be able to produce enough iron to feed the furnace to produce steel.

automated steel farm
With a steady supply of iron coming from the main part of the farm, all you need to do is to use an absorber to pull in the iron bars into a chest and connect this chest to the smelter where you can automate the creation of steel bars

Once you have replicated the final step of the iron farm to smelt steel bars, you will have an additional chain of automation to the end of the farm that will give you a chest filled with steel bars.

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