Chapter 8 - The Glowing Sea

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Once back outside, head SW ignoring the QM. Once you have travelled far enough and have entered THE GLOWING SEA, the QM will change position again same as before.

2. Just keep heading SW towards the QM now but keep an eye on your RADIATION levels here as it will soon deplete in this part of the Commonwealth.

3. Once you enter CRATER OF THE ATOM, talk to Isolde ATM SBCs and then head to the new QM.

4. On your way to the QM you may encounter a DeathClaw, kill this wimp and then enter the ROCKY CAVE ATM.

Rocky Cave

1. Talk to Virgil inside SBCs, but once you reach the dialogue option where the bottom choice is ‘Lets Go’, make a QS. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: THE GLOWING SEA
  • Quest Begins: HUNTER/HUNTED

2. Once finished chatting, grab the TESLA SCIENCE MAG off the NE cabinet in the central area and then exit the CAVE.

3. Once outside, warp to DCM if you need to Sell/Stockup and then SANCTUARY if you need to deposit any gear and then warp to WRECK OF THE USS RIPTIDE afterwards.

Wreck of the USS Riptide

1. Travel North and once of the bridge, head East to the C.I.T RUINS ATM.

2. ATM, tune into the Courser Signal on your RADIO.

3. Now head East along the coast and once the Signal is at approx 73%, stop and you should see a ‘Blast Radius’ sign to the East. Turn here and head North towards the Tall Green Building up ahead. Head around to the East of this building, GREENETECH GENETICS and enter the door ATM.

Greenetech Genetics (interior)

1. Once inside, turn the RADIO off to stop that annoying beeping sound.

2. Now take a right into the Doorway and proceed up the stairs to Level 1.

3. Next proceed through the two open Walkway areas and then through the corridor eliminating/Looting any enemies/Turrets. Climb the stairs at the end up to Level 2.

4. You will shortly pass through a long Office area with Corner Sofas in the center part. Grab the MASSACHUSETTS SURGICAL JOURNAL MAG from the small Table in between the 2 Sofas and then carry on forward.

5. Head up the slope and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL before venturing out onto the Walkway eliminating the enemies as you go.`Once across the Walkway, follow the route to the left and turn right after the door and proceed up the slope ahead.

6. Take a left at the top, follow the right wall around through a Doorway and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL mounted on the wall.

7. Cross the nearby Walkway and make your way around to the stairs next to the Balcony at the end. Climb the stairs and then make your way to the Red Carpeted room.

8. Enter the West room here by PICKING the LOCK and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL inside. Now HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL to the left (E) of the QM Door and then proceed through the QM Door.

9. Enter the Elevator ATM and once you exit, HACK the MASTER TERMINAL in front. Use the TERMINAL to UNLOCK the Caged Area if you wish and grab the 2 FUSION CORES inside then enter the North door.

10. HACK the ADVANCED TERMINAL on the left straight after you enter the door and then carry on towards the QM into the next room with Caged Areas on either side.

11. HACK the 2 NOVICE TERMINALS along the South wall in here, then enter the door and climb the stairs to the QM.

12. The Courser ATM here will begin talking, interrupt his boring conversation with Gunshots to his head and kill him. BUT, before you Loot his body, QS. Now loot his body for the COURSER CHIP and reload the QS until IS triggers.

  • Quest Completed: HUNTER/HUNTED
  • Quest Begins: MOLECULAR LEVEL


13. Now HACK the nearby MASTER TERMINAL, loot the area for some goodies, and then enter the Elevator at the top of the stairs (not the QM Elevator) using the TERMINAL beside the Elevator to UNLOCK it.

14. Once outside, warp to the RR HQ.

Your 2 Settlements should be close to 100 Happiness by now, so BENEVOLENT LEADER Trophy should be yours soon. If the Trophy hasnt popped yet, warp to the settlements that you prepped for it just to make sure everything is as it should be before continuing


1. Speak to Des after the small scene SBCs then wait for a minute for TinkerTom to analyse the CHIP.

2. Once analysed, warp to the ROCKY CAVE and speak to Virgil inside SBCs.

3. Once finished, exit and warp back to RR HQ and request help from Des SBCs.

4. Afterwards, talk to TinkerTom SBCs and then warp to SANCTUARY.


This is the part where you will use a lot of the resources you have gathered over time. Remember, if your short on anything, the quickest way to gather more resources is to purchase SHIPMENTS from Vendors.

Also, pay very close attention to this next part!! There are a lot of steps, and if something is not done correctly, it may create problems.

1. Make a HS now.

2. Deposit any unwanted Gear in the Workbench then move to a Foundation of a previously Scrapped Building. Then in the following order;

  • Open Workshop > Special and place a STABILISED REFLECTOR PLATFORM in the center of the large square foundation.
  • Now warp back to RR HQ and tell TinkerTom that you built the platform.
  • Now warp back to SANCTUARY and sleep for 24hrs, giving Des and TTom chance to arrive.
  • Now go to the SRP you built here a few steps back then open the Workshop>Special menu and place a MOLECULAR BEAM EMITTER over the SRP (The MBE should slot neatly on top of the SRP).
  • Next Workshop > Special and place a RELAY DISH next to the MBE.
  • Thirdly open Workshop > Special and place a CONTROL CONSOLE next to the MBE as well.

3. Finally, we need to provide 27 POWER to order to provide these 4 ITEMS with the POWER they require.

  • Go into Workshop > Power > Generators and place 6 x GENERATOR-MEDIUM beside the 4 ITEMS you just built, in a line preferably (don’t build them to far away otherwise the WIRING wont reach).
  • Now connect all of the GENERATORS together with WIRES.
  • Next, WIRE 1 GENERATOR to the Closest RELAY PART you placed.
  • Now, WIRE that part to the next Closest PART and so on until all 4 RELAY PARTS are WIRED together on the same Circuit which is being powered by the ALL 6 GENERATORS, (SRP doesnt actually require Power itself).
  • You will know when it is all done correctly because that Objective will be completed and you will be prompted with the next.

4. Now talk to Des SBCs and step on the TELEPORTER (SRP) when prompted. If nothing is happening when you talk to Des, and TTom is nowhere to be seen, sleeping for a few hours may bring him back (TTom has to be present to operate the Control Console but sometimes he wanders off).

5. While Standing on the TELEPORTER whilst TTom is powering it up, Des will begin talking to you and will give you a HOLOTAPE.


6. As soon as TTom says “We got the RF, we got it”, QS your game and shortly after you will now be Teleported to THE INSTITUTE. Reload the QS until IS triggers.

  • Quest Completed: THE MOLECULAR LEVEL


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