Is Fallout 4 VR being released on PS4


The game is obviously being released for the PC, but will they also be releasing the game with support for the PSVR on the Playstation 4?

Is Fallout 4 VR being released on PS4
Fallout 4

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

Unfortunately no, the game will not be released on the PS4. If you played Fallout 4 on the PS4, you will know that the system has a hard time playing the game. If it can barely play the standard version of the game, there is a slim to no chance that it can play it as a VR game. If Sony were to allow the game to be released exclusively on the PS4 Pro, they may get away with getting the game to run on the PSVR, but for the moment Sony do not allow for this. 

So the short answer, no, Fallout 4 will not be getting released for the PSVR.

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