How To Get A Full X-01 Power Armor Suit

X-01 Power Armor

There are several variations of power armor that you can find in Fallout 4, some better than others. Most will probably go for the brotherhood T60 armor as it is easy to get a full suit and when it’s upgraded it becomes an incredibly powerful suit of armor. What you may not know is that the T60A-E power armor is not the most powerful armor you can get in the game and that it is surprisingly easy to get the armor provided you fulfill the requirements.

The X-01 power armor is an experimental armor that strongly resembles the advanced power armor used by the enclave in previous games. This armor offers much better defense than other armor and when fully upgraded turns you into a human tank.

Where To Find X-01 Power Armor

The armor is surprisingly easy to find, but there is a catch. The armor will not spawn if you are below level 29. If you go to this location when you are below this level you will find a suit of T-51b armor instead. So if you are not level 29 (30 to be safe) then don’t do this yet. This is your best chance to get some highly powerful armor, so grind away with the brotherhood and minutemen quests to get some easy XP.

If you are level 29 or higher then you can get this by going to the location marked on the map below. This location is a bit tricky to find as it is not a building marked on the pip-boy. If you go west of “Custom Tower” which can be found as a map location you will find court 35.

map location of court 35 building
Location on the map showing where to find the court 35 building where you will find the x-01 power armor

The outside of the building will look like this. Again, it took me a while to actually find this, but it’s there so keep looking around if you are having trouble.

entrance to court 35 building
Entrance to court 35 building where you will find the power amor.

In order to get the armor you are going to have to kill a sentry bot and an assaultron. If you have come across either of these enemies so far, you will know that fighting them is no walk in the park. You will now have to fight 2 of them at the same time in a very small area. Make sure you bring plenty of firepower and stimpacks for this fight as you will need them. If you have an existing suit of armor, then its no harm bringing it along as you will not need it any more after you get the X-01 power armor.

When you enter the building there will be a few turrets to take out. Once they are destroyed take the lift up. Follow the hallway and you will end up on the top of the building (you can see the sky). This is where you need to tread carefully. If you have mines, no is the time to plant them. In front of you, you will see a closed door and then 2 other doors on the left and right. These 2 doors contain the robots that you need to destroy. When you get close enough the alarm will go off and they will come out. ROUND 1 FIGHT!

Once you have defeated the 2 robots, go to the doors that both of the robots came out of. Inside you will see a red button. Click both of these red buttons and the door in the middle will open up. Your suit of X-01 power armor will be inside.

location of x-01 power amor
Location of x-01 power amour in Fallout 4

When I did this, the armor inside the room looked like the T-51b armor, but when I went up close to it was displaying armor pieces for X-01 armor. If this happens to you too, go up and loot all of the pieces of X-01 armor and you will now be left with an empty frame. Now place all of the armor back onto the frame and it will look like X-01 series power armor. You can now jump inside and go kick some ass!

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