Awesome Minecraft House Ideas

One of the first things any gamer will do when they get started in Minecraft is to build a house. Whether you build a dirt hut or take advantage of a nearby cave, you will need something to shield you from the creepers that come when darkness falls.

Once you have established a little save space with a bed, you might start thinking about how to go bigger and better. Ideas for a house will be influenced by many things but most of us end up going with some kind of medieval style house that is basic while giving you all the space you need.

I have put this guide together as a way for people to find lots of amazing Minecraft house ideas that you can use in your creative or survival worlds. For those wanting to create cities, you will need all of the inspiration you can find.

Whenever possible, I will include blueprints and step by step guides detailing how to construct the building.

This resource depends massively on the creativity of those who are able to come up with awesome house ideas in Minecraft, something I suck at. If you have a really cool house idea that you would like to have featured, please let me know and I would be happy to have it submitted. It will get you some traffic for your video and will make this guide better for others.

Finding a Perfect Location To Build a House

Minecraft is quite unique in that you can completely alter the terrain by digging and mining to make almost any place good for a house. An uneven surface can easily be cleared to give the perfect foundation, but this isn’t everything. Depending on what you are building, you need to make sure you have the natural resources you need.

Building a treehouse in the desert isn’t impossible, you can build anything you like in Minecraft, there are no limitations. With that being said, choosing a desert for a jungle treehouse will mean you have a lot of work ahead of you. Travel to and from a jungle biome to get the supplies you need, wouldn’t it be easier to just build your treehouse in the jungle?

For each of the house idea sections in this guide, take note of the suggested biomes. Sure, if you want to challenge yourself and build a house type that doesn’t match the biome, by all means do, just know that it is going to be a lot more work.

What is the purpose of a House in Minecraft?

This might seem like a silly question, but when you think about it, a house in Minecraft is used a lot differently to a house in real life. Do you want a place to store your valuables, do you want a place to craft or simply a place to keep a bed? Before you start building a house, you need to decide what you plan on using it for.

For most people, they build this massive house that has a room for storage, crafting, enchanting, sleeping and maybe even advanced redstone machines. Do you really need to keep all of this under one roof? What you are essentially trying to do here is to build a village under one roof.

A house should allow you to craft, enchant and do all of the core gameplay things you need, but only on a small scale. Once you get to the point where you need to dedicate an entire room to something, you need to start working on a village or city. Keep your smelting and metal-working tasks at the blacksmith. Store all of your items in a big vault building.

When your house becomes a building that does everything, it stops being a house and just becomes a badly designed mess of a city. Building a house without knowing the purpose will only result in chaos as you add extensions to fit your needs or end up with a house that is far too big to populate.

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