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Minecraft Castle Ideas

A Minecraft castle is the culmination of all of your design work when you get started. You have found a village, made it your...
minecraft wallpaper

Minecraft Steampunk House Ideas

Steampunk is a genre that takes modern ideas and technology and tries to recreate them using medieval technology. The result is a fairly quirky...
minecraft wallpaper

Minecraft Treehouse Ideas

Treehouses in Minecraft are some of the most enjoyable buildings to build. The sense of building a house that is alive is really exciting....
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Minecraft Beach House Ideas

Beaches are a fairly natural occurrence in Minecraft. They can look a lot warmer and more cosy depending on the biome you are in....
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Minecraft Cabin Ideas

Building a cabin in Minecraft may not seem like the most exciting of constructions to get stuck into. This may have some merit, but...

Awesome Minecraft House Ideas

One of the first things any gamer will do when they get started in Minecraft is to build a house. Whether you build a...
minecraft wallpaper

Modern Minecraft House Ideas

I think the vast majority of people start building medieval buildings in Minecraft because the materials you have readily available to you at the...
Forager Wallpaper


Sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to jump onto the Minecraft bandwagon. Endless streams of games based on an 8-bit sandbox world. It...

Mining Rod

The mining rod is a bit of a mystery building when you are first starting out. The name doesn’t give you much of a...


Once you build a bank, it will produce money every few seconds. You do not need to supply it with gold or anything. It...


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