Remaining Evidence In House of Ivory??


I have been through the steps here and I have finished with the yacht workshop. The location has been marked green now to say all evidence has been found but back at the house of ivory, it is still orange, which suggests there is still some information. It looks like there is some evidence in the pool area for the elephant near the shed. How do I find the remaining evidence here?

Remaining Evidence In House of Ivory
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

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1 Answer

Dan -

This is a fairly long-running quest with a huge amount of stuff that you need to do in order to reach the conclusion. You can check out the full guide for the quest A Gilded Cage if you need some help with where to go next. You are probably fine though, you wont get all of the evidence in this location until the end of the quest line so its nothing to worry about for the moment, you haven’t missed anything.

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