Gone Astray...in The Highlands Guide - Request 69

Gone Astray...in The Highlands

Gone Astray…in The Highlands is a side request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that tasks you with, yet again, finding Wanda after she has managed to get lost on another one of her excursions.  This time, she has gotten lost in the Coronet Highlands.

If you have gotten this far, you are going to be more than familiar with the process. You will need to ride on Ursaluna and follow the blue signals in order to find her.

Where Is Wanda In The Coronet Highlands

This may seem like it is going to be one of the more difficult quests so far as the Coronet Highlands are large and hard to navigate. Fortunately, Wanda is very close to a camp so if you end up fast travelling there, you will pick her scent right away. Check the map below to see her exact location.

Where Is Wanda In The Coronet Highlands
The red player icon is where I found Wanda in the Coronet highlands.

You will need to deal with some Goldduck in the area that will try to attack you. Once they are gone, you will find that Wanda is off the cliff edge on a small ledge and appears to be trapped there. Be careful climbing down so you do not fall off and end up dead.

wanda location coronet highlands
You can see she is down the edge of the cliff on a small ledge that you will need to be careful when you drop down onto it.
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