Where Has The elephant Perfume gone?


I need to create the elephant pheromones and I remember the bottle of elephant sweat/perfume that was on the desk back at Theodore’s office. I have gone back here and the bottle is gone. Have I missed something, this is the perfume bottle that I am looking for?

Where Has The elephant Perfume gone
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

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1 Answer

Dan -

You should already have it if you have interacted with it earlier on in the game and have spoken with Imogen about it. Check the items that you have under the “A gilded cage” casebook. You should have the item here and you will be able to perform the chemical analysis on it in order to get the pheromone sample that you are looking for.

vial with perfume
Find the vial with perfume in your casebook and interact with it to get the pheromones
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