Finding Mercurio's Address

Mercurio's address

Once you have completed the investigation at the undergallery, you will need to figure out a little more about the mysterious man named Mercurio. He is well known around the old city but the owner of the gallery knows very little about the man and what he does in his free time. You will have to figure this one out on your own. Thankfully, it isn’t too hard.

How To Find Mercurio’s Address

In order to find out about Mercurio, you will need to head to the Cordona Chronicle newspaper archives to do some digging into this man. Head to the location marked in the map in the image below and go inside to the archives. Go to the left when you get inside and it is the door on the left.

cordona chronicle location
The Cordona Chronicle will allow you to do some research in their archive as you did in some earlier quests.

Once you are inside the archive room of the newspaper, perform the following search on the archives to find out some information on Mercurio and what his address is. Recent->Celebrities->Old City.

mercurio's address
Enter the search options above into the newspaper archives to find Mercurio’s Address

How To Get Inside Mercurio’s Apartment

Once you have found Mercurio’s address, head to the location and you will find a rather normal looking door. Head inside and you will be greeted by Mercurio’s rather unhappy mother. She will not want to speak with you and will tell you that you are unwelcome in the house and make you leave. You will have to find a way to get back inside. She mentioned her eyes are bad, maybe one of Sherlocks famous wardrobe changes will do the trick?

mercurio outfit
The marketplace in the old city will sell all of the items that you need to make yourself look like mercurio.
  • Artist Tan
  • Artist Beard
  • Messy Hair
  • And the sexy white vest from the image above.

Once you have assembled the outfit, head back to the apartment and speak with Mercurio’s mother. She will think you are her son and will give you a spare key that you can use to access his apartment.

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