No More Lord Craven Clues in Mind Palace?


I have put together lots of clues for this quest involving the Ms. Emma murder and Lord Craven. I have used the mind palace to put all the clues together and make the deductions but nothing is happening. When I speak to Lord Craven, he says the same thing that he has been saying all along. 

There is still a notification on the right side of the screen suggesting I go to the mind Palace but I have already done this and there are no clues left to put together. What am I supposed to do here?

No More Lord Craven Clues in Mind Palace
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

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1 Answer

Dan -

This happens when you have made some incorrect deductions. If you go back to the mind palace and review all of the information that you have put together, the events should be more clear. There will be 3 different items that have two possible outcomes. You will have selected an option for these and it’s more than likely a case that one or more of these is incorrect. Check over the decisions and change any that no longer seem valid in light of the new evidence that you have discovered. Once you have selected all of the right options, the mind map will reveal some new items that will lead you to a conclusion.

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