Shattered Memory Quest Guide

The shattered Memory quest in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will task you with finding the location of the old family house that you grew up on on the island. You are given a general location that the mansion was near a bridge and a church in Grand Saray and little more.

The house is going to be dilapidated compared to other buildings in the area. So keep an eye out for a house in bad condition.

family mansion
The old mansion looks a lot like the picture but it is run down so it might be a little more tricky to spot

If you are having trouble finding the exact location of the house, check out the location on the map below.

family mansion map location
The point where the character is on the map is the exact location of the mansion. Once you get here, the objective will update.

Finding Clues In The Yard To Open The Door

This part of the quest drove me crazy. You will easily find the dummy in the wooden stand but after that, what clues are you meant to be looking for in the yard that will unlock the door to the mansion?

Much like the Sketching a Thief quest, the biggest hurdle is selecting the correct item in your journal. After interacting with the door, you will have found a new item and you will have to open up your journal. If you do not do this, the quest item will not appear in the yard. This drove me mad and was the biggest issue I had with this game.

Once you select the most recent piece of evidence, you will see there is a hologram thing near the main path in front of the door that you can interact with.

unlocking the door
Once you pin the correct item, you will see the ghost appear in front of the door. You can work through this in order to gain access to the mansion.

What To Do Inside The Mansion

Once you get inside the mansion you will be able to run around the first two floors and find that lots of the doors are locked and you can’t get inside. You may hear Jon ask about the attic which will send you on a wild goose chase, just ignore it.

All of the clues are down in the main lobby. Interact with the trunk, umbrella, hat stand, paintings and a scratch on the hand railing of the stairs. Once this happens, you will be able to reconstruct the events to begin the Arriving at Cordona quest.

How To Get To The Attic

For some reason, Jon will throw a clue that he heard footsteps upstairs and suggests there may be an attic. This is not something you need to worry about at this part of the game so press on with the guide above for now and you will be able to continue on with the story.

Arriving At Cordona Guide

Piecing this one together isn’t super obvious as it feels like quite a few of the options make sense. Line up the quest using the following options and you will solve the mystery.

arriving at cordona

  1. Kids helping the mother at the stairs
  2. The old man at the hat stand
  3. Mycroft at the trunk

Hold down the button to complete the reconstruction and it will open the door to Sherlock’s room where you will be able to find some useful clues to continuing on with the story and also a fun side quest from Jon to find the treasure in the bedroom.

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