Chaos Unfolded - A Gilded Cage Guide

After figuring out a little more about your last visit to your family home in Shattered memory, you will be tasked with finding your neighbour and old family friend Theodore Gilden who has a hot air balloon in their back garden. This will lead you toward a quest called Chaos Unfolded which is going to become an incredibly long trail of clues and mysteries.

Finding The House With a Hot Air Balloon

Sherlock remembers taking a ride in a hot air balloon that your neighbour had in their back garden. You will need to look around the area to find this house. To find the house, turn to the right when you leave your family home and head down the path. You will see a house straight ahead with a broken gate, this is where to go.

You may actually see the balloon over the roof of the house as you are coming down the hill. It is quite easy to spot from a distance. Make your way to this balloon to start this lengthy quest involving death and elephants!

Reconstructing the Death of Theodore Gilden

This is a pretty brutal death. Your first thought might be that he fell from the balloon but as you look around, you will see the true cause. You will need to complete the three following items.

  1. Investigate the body for any clues and items relating to the death.
  2. Walk over to the sheltered area that looks like a barn of some kind. Check the ground and you will be able to hone in on footprints that look like they belong to an elephant. Find all of the clues here.
  3. The final set of clues is outside of this yard. Head out the way you came in but instead of turning right, go left and you will see a small wooden shed with a locked door. Investigate the machine sticking out of the shed to find the clues here (hardest one is the broken board on the left).

Once you have all clues, you can reconstruct the events using the following order.

  1. Elephant grabs man
  2. The elephant is running (with all 4 feet down) with the dead body in his trunk.
  3. The elephant runs out the gate, tossing the person standing behind the gate into the wooden shack, breaking a wooden board.

Finding The Elephant In The Woods

The clues to the whereabouts of the elephant point you toward the woods. How hard should it be to find an elephant right? Well, finding the woods is the first challenge. To save you the effort of reading, check out the image below and it will show you where you need to go in order to complete this part of the quest.

following the elephant
Follow the elephant to the woods where you will find some footprints and the robe of Theodore Gilden hanging on a tree branch

You will find the elephant footprints near the edge of the water along with a coat that has been hung on a branch. You will get a key from the pocket of this and it will inform you that you have found all of the clues in this area for now as the elephant has run away too far for you to follow for the moment.

Use The Key To Enter Theodore Gildens House

Have a look around the house before heading up the stairs. Walk to the room on the right and interact with everything in the room. Use the pulse ability to find everything there is to see and learn about the events that took place and the person who was killed.

Head into the next room and begin speaking with the daughter. You will eventually exhaust all conversation options and end up with LOTS of evidence. Before looking through it, head over to a trunk that is on the other side of her room. You will find a few things here with the most important being a photo of her with some man. Return to her and speak with her about the picture. This will unlock a piece of evidence directing you toward the yacht club.

Finding The Yacht Club

The Yacht club is not too far away. You will be able to see it marked on the southern coast of Grand Saray, only a short walk from where you are now. Head to the club and more specifically walk toward the boar workshop marked on the map below.

yacht club
The workshop is located behind the yacht club. After speaking to the men outside with the picture, they will lead you to check inside the workshop.

Speak with the men outside while having the picture pinned as evidence. They will tell you to check the workshop. Head over to the door and go inside.

Inside The Yacht Workshop

Inside the workshop, you will see some bloody rags behind a glass window but the door to get inside is locked. Jon will give you a clue in suggesting where a champion would hide the key. Walk to the left to find a “Champion” leaderboard. With the latest piece of evidence pinned, you will see that the “Whirlpool” sign can be interacted with. Analyze this to obtain a key to the room with the bloody rags.

In this room, you will find several pieces of evidence. Pin the suspicious note on the back of one of the betting slips and go to the storeroom, which is left of the champion leaderboard sign.

Interact with the boxes of tea and everything else in the room before leaving. This will trigger a cutscene with a person. Speak away with them as much as you can and when it is over a combat scene will be triggered. Once this is done, head back to the whirlpool room to finish any additional lines of inquiry with Paul Perks before leaving the workshop.

Return to the daughter in the house of ivory and ask her about Paul and she will give you some more information about their relationship and will suggest that her father did not agree with the relationship.

What do to After Speaking With Paul?

This part can be a bit of a road block. Once you have exhausted all conversation options with Paul and Theodores Daughter, you will be stuck wondering what are you supposed to do. The Elephant is gone, and all leads have sort of hit a dead end. The answer is to look into the ivory baths and to find out who A. Swift is and what he does.

Finding Arthur Swift

You will have discovered all there is for now with Paul and Imogen Gilden, you must now look into the ivory baths evidence to track down the infamous Arthur Swift to see what he has to do.

Visit The City Hall Archives

Much like how the police station will allow you to dig into the records of crime, the city hall has a similar archive that keeps track of information about businesses and other records relating to the grown and management of the city. If Arthur and Theodore had a business relationship together, surely this is the place to go to find out some more information about the Ivory baths. Check out the image below for the correct records to search for in the records.

finding Arthur Swift
Using the Ivory Baths as a basis for your search, use the search above to find out information on Arthur Swift

Entrance To The Dig Site

Head to the location marked on the documentation which states the dig site will be on the intersection of Bazaar road which you can see in the image below. Here you will find two men talking. You will need to listen in on their conversation and this will give you the info you need on gaining access to the dig site.

location of the dig site
Visit this intersection to find the location of the dig site.

Find The Foreman To Get a Digging Job

You will hear that there is a guy at the market who is recruiting workers. He has a pro-British attitude and a scar on his neck. He is fairly easy to find but you might end up skipping past him as he will not speak to you unless you are dressed as a worker. There is a nearby vendor who will sell you a worker apron. Change your outfit to this and speak to the man in the image below. He will give you a job on the dig site.

finding the recruiter
Speak to this man while dressed in workers clothes and he will give you a job at the dig site.

Arthur Swifts Research – At The Dig Site

Once you arrive at the dig site, you will find Arthur fairly close to the entrance. He will not allow you to look at his items on the nearby table so the short story here is you need to find a way to distract him so you can get access to this table.

Start by looking at the map on the board behind him. To the left of this will be some boxes with straw men which you will also need to take a look at. Once you have completed both of these, head down into the dig site and take the path to the right. You will hear some men speaking about Arthur freaking out. Listen in on this conversation to find out what is going on.

Recreating The Broken Statue Scene

You will hear that the statue on the hill fell and broke. If you go up the steps you will see a large intact statue on the left and on the right, there are some ruins. If you look around, you will find a smaller, human-sized statue broken on the ground. Interact with it to find the clues. Once finished, make sure you have Arthur Swifts Research pinned and you will be able to recreate the events of this area. Check out the image below for the correct order of this recreation.

statue at the dig site
Setup the scene so each of the statues looks like the statues in this image and it will allow you to finish the recreation.

Once you have this finished, enter the detective view and pulse. This will reveal a path to follow with some footsteps in the ground. Follow these down to the beach and you will find an area to dig. This will attract Arthur, giving you the chance to run back to where you met him first and dig through the items he has sitting on the table. You will get a few moments to look at all the items before he returns to question you about your intentions. Once you have asked him all of the questions you can based on the items in your inventory, head over to the mind palace and combine the following options.

  • “Trying times” + “The partnership ended”
  • “It was mating season” + “Everyone blames Goliath”
  • “Damage to the shed” + “Arthur has fresh bruises on his elbow”

Elephant Matchmaking

Now that you have found a bunch of evidence it is time to put all the pieces together and clean up the mess. This means you have to figure out where Goliath has gone and get him to come home. You will know by now that this is mating season and it is likely the cause of Goliaths aggression. It is time to work this to your advantage and find a way to lure him home with the charms of a female elephant. You will need to obtain a few items to complete this.

  • Cloth – You should already be at the dig site. Head to the box where you found the straw men and take the wet cloth that you found in the crate.
  • Yacht Club Workshop – Head back to the workshop and you will find a foghorn in the storeroom. This is used to simulate the sound of the elephant.
  • Elephant Pheromones – You should already have the vial of bad-smelling elephant perfume in your inventory. Find this and perform the Chemical Analysis.

Chemical Analysis on the Vial With Perfume

In order to obtain elephant Pheromones, you will need to turn the vial with perfume, that we found out contains elephant sweat into some pheromones to attract the bull elephant out of the woods. Interact with the item in your inventory to perform the chemical analysis and use the following structure of the reagents to complete the analysis and create the pheromones.

vial with the perfume
Interact with the vial with the perfume to perform chemical analysis and use this layout to complete the process.

You now have everything you need, you just need to put the pieces together. Head back to Mrs Nini, the woman you spoke with in Sketching a thief. She will use the cloth to create an elephant and you will now be good to go. Head back to the house of ivory and you will be set to lure in the elephant. Make a few sounds with the foghorn and he will return. A Gilded Cage is now complete!

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