Disaster in Gerudo Canyon Quest Guide

disaster in gerudo canyon

When you are making your way to the Gerudo desert in Tears of the Kingdom, you will meet a group of travellers who have been split up and have gotten lost within the hot canyon. You will be given the quest Disaster in Gerudo Canyon and asked to find the three missing people.

The three men are scattered apart quite a bit in the canyon so you will need to get your walking shoes on if you want to find all of the guys who are scattered around here. This guide will show you where to find all three of the missing travellers.

Traveller 1 Location

The first traveller can be found quite close to the start of the canyon. Follow the path straight ahead from Gerudo Canyon pass and when the path starts to turn to the right, go off road and go straight ahead and to the left a bit. You will see him cowering behind a wagon or some broken machines.

Disaster in Gerudo Canyon location

Traveller 2 Location

From the location of the first traveller, exit the cave and return to the main path. Keep walking and you will get to a point where there is a left turn, ignore this and keep going straight. However, you need to start slowly veering left and look ahead to find a cave. Head inside the Stalry Plateau cave to find the guy inside hiding behind a rock.

where to find missing people in Disaster in Gerudo Canyon

Traveller 3 Location

The final traveller is the most difficult of the three to find as he is no longer inside the canyon like the quest illudes them to being located. You will need to keep following the path along the canyon until you get to a place where there is some water. It is at this point that you need to take a turn left and go up onto the higher area of the canyon. You will find a path up here. Follow this path until you find a fire and you will see a guy sitting down next to the fire, this is the final traveller for the Disaster inf Gerudo Canyon quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

finding 3 missing people in canyon

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