Gone Astray...In The Icelands Guide - Request 86

Gone Astray...In The Icelands

Here we are, the final gone astray quest in the game. The tables have turned and through some mixup, Wanda is not the one who has gotten lost! This time, you must head to the Alabaster Icelands to locate Wanda’s brother Zeke who has run off to the Icelands to find her, not realizing she was at the village all along.

The process behind this quest is the exact same as all of the other Gone Astray quests. You must use Ursaluna to sniff out Zeke. The little icon will flash blue when you are close to him and you can use this to follow where he is.

Where To Find Zeke In The Alabaster Icelands

I almost typed wanda there! To find Zeke, head to the Icelands and fast travel to the northern camp on the map. This is close to where he is. Jump onto Ursaluna and ride south and you will soon pick up the blue scent. Follow this and it will lead you to a large hole in the ground, you should see Zeke inside.

Find Zeke In The Alabaster IcelandsMake your way to the red player icon on the map above and you will see the ice pit in the ground with Zeke inside. Climb down and it will begin a Pokemon battle. Once it is over, Wanda will show up and there will be a brief conversation about everything that is happening before the quest will be marked as completed.

Gone Astray...In The Icelands
You will see Zeke at the bottom of an ice pit. Jump down and it will start a battle. The quest will complete once you have won
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