Gone Astray...In the Mirelands Guide - Request 38

Gone Astray...In the Mirelands

Gone Astray…In the Mirelands is a side quest in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that you will be able to pick up after you have unlocked Ursaluna as a mount. You will use this mount sniffing ability to be able to seek out a person who has gotten lost in this area of the game.

“Ride on Ursaluna and follow the blue signals to locate Wanda in the Crimson Mirelands”

You will notice that the blue signals are not immediately showing when you mount Ursaluna. The beacon will only begin to flash blue once you have gotten close to where Wanda is located. This requires you do to quite a bit of searching around this location. Here is where to find her.

Where To Find Wanda In the Crimson Mirelands

Wanda is found in the southwest corner of the Crimson mirelands in the Gapejaw Bog region of the map. Check out the image below to see the exact location on the map.

where to find wanda in crimson mirelands
You will find Wanda in the location where the player is on the map
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