Reconstructing The Undergallery Scene

When you reach the gallery, the rather suspicious owner will tell you that there was a break-in that has caused some damage to the basement area of the gallery where pieces of art were destroyed and will ask you to investigate the area.

Finding all of the clues are fairly easy, if you are missing one, you can check to see you have found everything showing up in the list below.

  • Open the furnace door
  • Hand print on the coffin
  • Burned remains of pictures and the places they were hanging on the wall
  • Shovel in the coal

Once you have uncovered everything, you will be able to recreate what happened. You can check out the video below for this or use this list of answers to reconstruct the events that took place in the uindergallery mystery.

  • Man climbs out of furnace
  • Man climbs into coffin
  • Man burns pictures
  • Gallery owner comes down stairs
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