Is there any use for Gold Nuggets outside of selling them?


I have a couple of gold nuggets in my inventory. They are worth a significant amount of money if I sell them. Before I do this, I just want to make sure there isnt a good reason to hold onto them until later in the game when I might actually need them for something and have a hard time getting them back after selling the ones that I have. So in short, should I sell the gold nuggets that I have found?

Is there any use for Gold Nuggets outside of selling them
Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Lloyd Collier -

I havnt been able to find a use for them so far and I have completed the main story. I still have to complete the pokedex and I have some other requests to do here and there but at this point, I can’t imagine there is much else that will make a huge difference that I should have kept the gold nuggets for. It would be pretty unfair of the game to suddenly let you know after the end game that there is a reason to have held onto the nuggets.

Maybe someone who has completed the game 100% may be able to comment further but from what I can gather, there is no other use for the gold nuggets outside of selling them.


  1. Gold nuggets (along with many other items) are basically currency storage that allows the game to retain some sense of a real living universe rather than saying that a wild Pokémon dropped 10,000 pokedollars or you found cash inside a cave somewhere.

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