How do you send a second Pokemon out to battle?


I have found myself starting a Pokemon battle only to find more than one wild pokemon joins in to fight. These get hard as sometimes the two wild pokemon get to attack first and kill my pokemon. How do I throw out a second Pokemon to make the battle fair?

How do you send a second Pokemon out to battle
Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Ray Cunningham -

It doesn’t seem like there are battles with multiple pokemon in this game. You will often find yourself up against more than one Pokemon. You will have to be clever and make use of agile moves to ensure you get to make the most out of your attacks to defeat the other pokemon before they defeat you. It adds a little more strategy to the combat and makes the strong/agile attacks far more relevant than they may initially seem.


  1. But then you get a warden who sends out 3 Pokémon to your one snd they all attack first. Which us very frustrating

  2. It is getting really annoying! In the wild oké but in battle with another person, why can he put out 2 or 3 and yourself just one… and continue that other pokemon can start and to 2 times. Getting so annoyed by this game..

  3. I’m looking for an answer to this too. It doesn’t seem fair that so many trainers use 2 or 3 pokemon and I can only use one. I think I might have to put this one down if there’s no way to make these fights fair.

  4. I know which ”warden” you’re talking about, it’s- *Gets silenced*

  5. Yep f*** that b****

  6. I am right there with all of you guys in the game. It is not fair at all that they can bring out more than one Pokemon and you can’t, so then you will die and have to do it all over. I like it when you can be at the same level of match.

  7. I’m half way done the game but I’m really hating on this pokemon compared to others can’t battle with more then one pokemon so I have to face 3 others yeah I’m good thanks, I’m also not the biggest fan on the pokemon I can use to get around I’d rather teach my pokemon the moves myself for them to use last time i checked that was just one of the many reasons we have different types of pokemon to help us not borrow others, level gating is clearly messed up being level 33 and running into pokemon level 55 or being level 33 and being able to control level 65 pokemon and having to battle trainers with those levels and higher, the game definitely needs some work but there’s a lot of good things such as all the crafting and collecting and research gives me a zelda tears of the kingdom vibe and I love it, I do hope for more games like this but with voice acting I’m sick and tired of reading text boxes we are in 2023 and add random trainer battles and more random interactions and a lot more quests also not a fan how pokemon can see me and flee before I can even throw out my pokemon (Abra,misterious,ect) I also don’t like how I throw my pokeball at them and they say they are looking around then they are keeping their guard up and then they run away and of course I can’t catch them now because I had to click text boxes away from where my fight screen should be, I also don’t like having a legendary pokemon off the bat I find it cheap what happened to gotta find and catch’ em all like guys it’s in the song overall though I think it’s an okay game just needs a lot more attention to details

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