The Charm Lost in the Swamp Guide - Request 40

The Charm Lost in the Swamp

The Charm Lost in the Swamp is a side request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that tasks you with finding a charm that Yojiro lost while he was being chased by an alpha Hippowdon. The clue to this quest is that there is only one alpha Hippowdon on this map, once you know where this is, you will be able to locate the charm.

The Charm Lost in the Swamp
When you speak to Yojiro, he will tell you that the Hippowdon is the cause. If you head back down the hill to the mucky area, you will find the cause.

Where to find the Charm in the Swamp

If you head down the hill from where you first speak with Yojiro, you will find a large area of mud with lots of hippo Pokemon. These can be aggressive so make sure you have some good Pokemon in your party. In the middle, you will see the alpha, check the map below to see the exact location.

alpha hippowdin location
The location of the player in the map is where to find the Alpha Hippowdon

Finding The Charm After Defeating the Hippowdon

Once you have defeated the Hippowdon, you will notice that you did not automatically receive the charm. This is because you still have to find the location. If you search around the pool of mud where you found the alpha, you will see a star-shaped sparkle just above the water’s surface. Go over and interact with this and you will receive the charm.

how to find the charm
The charm will be a small star just above the surface of the water
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