What are you meant to do at a mass outbreak location?


I spotted a mass outbreak location on the map. Once I got here there is just a bunch of Wurmples walking around the place. I have captured some and battled some but it doesn’t seem to be triggering any sort of activity. What are you supposed to do when you visit a mass outbreak location?

What are you meant to do at a mass outbreak location
Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Dan Hastings -

Mass outbreaks are a very useful opportunity to fill out a Pokedex entry for a Pokemon. If you capture or battle all of the Wurmple, they will eventually stop appearing and you will get a message to let you know that the outbreak has ended. I am not sure there is any specific activity to the event other than giving you a chance to take advantage of finding large amounts of a single pokemon type in a small area.

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