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I've got a soft spot for indie games and a knack for finding hidden gems. Exploring unique narratives and supporting indie developers is my thing. If you're into indie games too or just want some recommendations, let's chat about our favorites!


Is There a Way to Access the Debug Console in Fallout 4 on PS4?
[Fallout 4] - Is there a way to access the debug console in Fallout 4 when playing on game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 View Answer
How do you empty a bucket of sand for the sandcastle?
[Goat Simulator 3] - How do you empty a bucket of sand to build a better sandcastle on the beach in goat simulator 3 View Answer
Defend the Lodge or Go to the eye?
[Starfield] - Should i defend the lodge or go to the eye to rescue the people who are there in Starfield. Which option should I pick and what is the result of either? View Answer
Really, what's up with Sarah Morgan's preferences?
[Starfield] - How are you supposed to know what sort of things Sarah Morgan is into in Starfield, she seems to dislike everything I do? View Answer
How To Take Pictures For Messages From An Ancient Era Quest?
How are you supposed to take pictures of the writing on the slabs in the Messages From An Ancient Era Quest? View Answer
What Are Bubbul Gems For?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - What are you supposed to do with the bubbul gems that the big frogs in the cave drop? View Answer
Natsai Running In Circles Find Archie's Hideout
[Hogwarts Legacy] - Natsai is stuck running in circles for the lost child quest. I need to find archies hideout but she is stuck running in circles View Answer
Missing Third Statue For Merlin Trial Near Fwooper Den
[Hogwarts Legacy] - I can't find the third statue to repair for the merlin trial near two bandit camps and the fwooper den in Hogwarts Legacy View Answer
How To Gear Equip Traits To Slots?
[Hogwarts Legacy] - How do you make use of the trait slots that some of the high tier gear has in Hogwarts Legacy? View Answer
How To Move The Giant Ball On The Merlin Challenge
[Hogwarts Legacy] - How do you move the large boulder at the top of the hill for the merlin trial outside of Hogwarts castle? View Answer
Is Lightfall likely to go on sale before launch?
[Destiny 2] - How likely is it that we will see Destiny 2 Lightfall on sale before it officially launches? View Answer
Players From D2 App Not Joining Fireteam?
[Destiny 2] - Why do players I invite to my fireteam through the Destiny 2 app never join? View Answer


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If Bioshocks Rapture Was A Level From Doom

Rapture remains one of the most captivating and unique locations in all of video game history. Very little can stand up to the incredible atmosphere…