Gone Astray...in the Coastlands Guide - Request 58

Gone Astray...in the Coastlands

You will have picked up a similar quest to this in the past where a woman named Wanda has Gone Astray…In the Mirelands Guide. You will need to use Ursaluna ability to find where she is by following the blue beacon. This quest is the exact same, she has just gotten lost in a new location.

To start off with this quest, you will need to make your way to the Cobalt Coastlands and mount Ursaluna to begin the hunt around the island to see where she has ended up this time.

Where Is Wanda In the Cobalt Coastlands

You will find Wanda in the northern arc of the beach. She can be found near the Castaway Shore out on the rocks. Check out the image of the map below for the exact location. The red arrow, which marks the player’s location is where I found her.

Where Is Wanda In the Cobalt Coastlands
Head to the location with the red marker on the map and you will find Wanda

There are quite a few rocks in this location and they all look the same. Wanda is hidden behind one of the larger peaks of the rocks here which makes here even harder to locate. This image will give you a better idea of exactly where to find her.

gone astray in the coastlands

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