GameStop’s Farewell in Ireland and the PSVR2 Dilemma

It’s a bittersweet moment for gamers in Ireland, as we bid farewell to GameStop, a beloved haven for gaming enthusiasts. As the iconic store prepares to close its doors for good on Friday, it’s hard not to feel a sense of nostalgia and loss. With that being said, they were always like 20% more expensive than everywhere else so it is no surprise. However, amidst the sadness, there’s still a glimmer of hope for snagging some last-minute bargains, like the PSVR2.

GameStop has been offering a 5% discount on the PSVR2, which, while not a massive price reduction, is still a tempting incentive for those on the fence about purchasing the virtual reality headset. Yet, even with the discount, the PSVR2 remains a considerable investment, leaving many gamers, myself included, questioning whether it’s worth the expense.

The primary concern that’s holding me back from taking the plunge is the lack of a truly groundbreaking game that would justify the purchase. While there are undoubtedly some interesting titles available for the PSVR2, none have captured my attention quite like Half-Life: Alyx did for PC VR. Without a game that truly excites me and showcases the capabilities of the PSVR2, it’s challenging to justify the cost.

As GameStop’s final day approaches, I find myself wondering whether to visit the store one last time in search of a great bargain. Perhaps I’ll stumble upon a hidden gem that will make the PSVR2 purchase worthwhile, or maybe I’ll find other deals that will ease the sting of losing our local gaming sanctuary.

Regardless of whether I decide to invest in the PSVR2 or not, the closing of GameStop in Ireland marks the end of an era. At least we still have Smyths to snag some of the handy collectors edition pre-orders.

I will have to make an update after my final visit to the store and see what kinda junk I and up coming out with.

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