Why Wont My Pokemon Obey Me?

Why Wont My Pokemon Obey

Early on in the game, you will be struggling to work out the best possible party to use for combat. You may find that a new Pokemon you have added to the party is refusing to obey you. What is the reason behind this?

You might often see messages like “Pokemon turned its back”, “Pokemon refused to Perform Attack” and a range of other similar messages that explain that the Pokemon did not bother to perform the attack for some reason or other. Here is how to fix this.

pokemon obey commands
Once you level up, you will find out what level pokemon need to be before they obey

How To Make Pokemon Obey In Combat

This is nothing to do with Pokemon being a bad catch or a friendship level or anything like that. This comes entirely down to the number of stars you have achieved.

Why Wont My Pokemon Obey
In the pause menu where you save the game, you will be able to see your current star level and with it, the level of pokemon that will obey you.

If you have four stars, like in the image above and you add a Pokemon to your party that is level 55, you will find that the same problem occurs where the Pokemon won’t perform the attack and will disobey you in some way. You need to increase your stars by completing Pokedex entries before you will be able to make use of Pokemon that are a higher level in combat.

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