How do I get special ammo?


This is starting to annoy me a lot when it comes to the daily gun bounties. Whenever there is anything with a shotgun or sniper rifle, I need to get special ammo to use them and I don’t know what I need to do to get them. Sometimes I will be doing a strike and they drop often enough and then I may make it through a large portion or the strike and not find a single piece of ammo. Is there some kind of trick to making it drop?

How do I get special ammo
Destiny 2

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SteveSickle89 -

This is a bit annoying at times. For a while, I felt that the special ammo never dropped when you had a special weapon equipped. I do still feel the odds of it dropping decrease when you are using your weapon that has special ammo but I have had enemies drop it when killed with a shotgun or sniper using special ammo. 

I think it’s just random luck of the draw. Special weapons are not meant to have a constant, steady supply of ammo. The whole point is they are special. So expect to find yourself without ammo for them more often than not when you are grinding for the daily bounties. Just keep killing and you will eventually get the ammo. Just keep a closer eye. It is a lot easier to miss the green ammo box compared to the purple for heavy. 

Sometimes I find myself searching during a boss fight and when it’s all over, I see them scattered around the place. Other times I pick it up and don’t realize until I look at my ammo for the special and see it’s full.

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