Is Lightfall likely to go on sale before launch?


The game is currently available for 99.99 on the store, how likely is it that the game will receive a discount before it launches in 2023?

I love Destiny 2 and I really want to buy it for the bonuses but between black Friday, Christmas and January sales, it seems like I may end up missing out on a nice discount if the game goes on sale between now and launch. How likely is it that there will be a discount on Lightfall DLC before launch?

Is Lightfall likely to go on sale before launch
Destiny 2

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1 Answer

Marvin Mason -

It’s not something they did for Witch Queen and seems highly unlikely that they will do the same for Lightfall. It’s not impossible of course but it just seems like it would create a huge amount of upset if they discount it, allowing some people to get it cheaper than those who have already preordered it. The game isn’t out yet so those who purchased early get screwed and it would cause some upset.

It’s also bad business for them to be discounting the game. I can’t imagine sales are going to be low. destiny 2 is huge and this DLC is highly anticipated. I wouldn’t expect any kind of discount until the second season, which would be season 21.


  1. Well if it went on sale right after launch it shouldn’t upset people cus you wouldn’t get the preorder bonus that you would before launch.

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