Chapter 1 - The Deep Sleep

Guide By Optimusmart

1. You will start the game at your house. Double check your options first once able to do so just to make sure what you selected above has been applied.

  • Quest Begins; WAR NEVER CHANGES

2. Pretty self explanatory, create your character.

3. Once done just wait in your living room for 5 mins. Answer the door once there’s a knock, Choose any dialogue options then name your character and put Points into:

  • S:4
  • P:1
  • E:1
  • C:1
  • I:10
  • A:1
  • L:10

4. Once done, see to Shaun when prompted by Codsworth. Play with him by spinning the toy above his head, then return to the Living once room called by Codsworth.

5. Once able to do so, run outside the house and straight to the QM. Talk to the Officer at the entrance and once he lets you through proceed to the Quest Marker and watch some pretty fireworks.

Vault 111

1. Keep following the Quest Marker interacting with the Lady. Next follow the Doctor and activate your decontamination pod, then skip or watch the scenes.

  • Quest Completed: WAR NEVER CHANGES
  • Quest Begins: OUT OF TIME

2. After exiting your pod, head to the QM. Loot the Junk here and head to the new QM. Shortly you will come to a room and see a Cockroach on a window, make sure you grab the SECURITY BATON just below the window, this will be your weapon of choice for the first part, just use Melee.

3. Carry on towards the QM looting anything and enter the Cafeteria area just after you kill our first Cockroach. Loot here and then access the TERMINAL and select >PLAY TAPE


4. Exit and carry on to the QM. Be sure to Loot Mirrors above Sinks in the Washrooms.

5. Once in the reception area, activate the TERMINAL and select > OPEN EVACUATION TUNNEL.

6. Carry on looting the area. When you grab the PISTOL, you will automatically change weapons, use the D-pad to requip the SECURITY BATON.

7. Carry on and collect the PIPBOY on the floor next to the VAULT DOOR CONTROLS, then use it to activate the VAULT DOOR CONTROLS. Exit the VAULT back through the Elevator and change your S.P.E.C.I.A.L when prompted to;

  • S:2
  • P:3
  • E:1
  • C:8
  • I:3
  • A:1
  • L:10



1. Loot the 2 nearby Shacks and then make your way to the QM in SANCTUARY.

2. Talk to Codsworth ATM and select all bottom choices when given dialogue options but Persuade him with the top choice when available.

3. Afterwards, 1st search the Workbench beside the nearby SE house.

4. Now, working clockwise, loot every house, and then scrap all the Furniture inside, CARS/TREES/LAMPPOSTS/TYRES etc outside and also scrap the Junk buildings. But in the Workbench building leave some Chairs, the Workbench, Weapons Bench, Armour Bench and Power Armour Stand. Also be sure to HACK/PICK the NOVICE TERMINAL/LOCKS/SAFES here. And make sure you talk to Codsworth ATM while your exploring SANCTUARY.

5. When you reach your house, collect the S.P.E.C.I.A.L MAG under the babies dresser (select Charisma) and the MAGAZINE from the Kitchen Worktop. Make sure you loot the Cellar behind a house in the N end of SANCTUARY.

6. Once every building has been explored and everything is scrapped except what I said, go to the Workbench and transfer all your Junk, all Aid apart from RADAWAY/STIMPACKS, all Weapons apart from a 10mm PISTOL and FRAGMENTATION GRENADES and lastly all Apparel, except each clothing type that has the biggest boost in Charisma.



7. Now open the Workshop menu and place 20 SLEEPING BAGS inside the Workbench building and your house (20 between them, not in each).

8. Next, go to a large flat area (preferably housing foundation from a house you scrapped) and place either WOODEN CONTAINERS or TOOLBOXES (these both stack upon each other 3-4 times) on the ground until you are Level 2 (then upgrade IDIOT SAVANT perk straight away). Keep placing them until you reach Level 5, 6 or 7. Scrap them and then place again if you have to.


9. Now Craft on the Weapons Bench and upgrade the damage on your 10mm PISTOL as much as is allowed and Equip it.

10. Once done, carry on with the [OUT OF TIME] Quest and make your way to the QM. Just after you cross the SANCTUARY bridge, loot the corpse and equip the clothes.

11. Soon after you will arrive at RED ROCKET TRUCK STOP. Loot this area and greet the Dog (DOGMEAT) and take him with you. Kill the Molerats here, but don’t forget to loot the back of the building and then carry on directly to the QM.


1. Shortly after arriving in CONCORD you should come to a Museum ATM with Raider enemies outside. Kill these, loot their bodies and QS just before you kill the last one and before you get to close to the QM. Reload the the QS until you trigger IS for the Quest.

  • Quest Completed: OUT OF TIME
  • Quest Begins: WHEN FREEDOM CALLS

2. Equip any new stronger Apparel that you have collected and then enter the Museum.

3. Push through the area to the QM, once you enter the area with the broken floor/stairwell with the cage at the bottom, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL beside it and then loot the FUSION CORE from the generator. Make sure you loot the rooms above the cage and then push on towards the QM killing/looting as you go.

4. Once you reach Preston, begin talking SBC. After talking, loot the room being sure to grab the PERCEPTION BOBBLEHEAD from the desk and proceed to the QM.

5. Loot the area next to the POWER ARMOUR then transfer the FUSION CORE to the POWER ARMOUR and then enter it. Grab the MINIGUN and the nearby Junk, then drop down and kill the Marked Raiders and the Deathclaw once it spawns (use your FGs on the Deathclaw if you have some).

6. After looting the bodies, exit the PA taking the FUSION CORE with you and re-enter the Museum. Talk to Preston and Mama SBC.


7. Exit the Museum and deselect the Quest. Now head directly south.

8. Just after you encounter the Bloodbug Hatchlings (flies) and pass under some electric lines, you will come across a small Shack. Loot this Shack, HACK the TERMINAL inside, then continue South.

9. Once you pass under the first Overhead Highway you will see a road beneath it heading South, walk to and follow this road S keeping the Caravan icon on your left (there’s a tough enemy here so we’re avoiding it for now) as you pass through the rocky area.

10. Once the Caravan icon has disappeared, continue directly S again until you reach the 2nd Overhead Highway and a river further on.

11. Head E under the Highway and enter the 1st building you soon arrive at GRAYGARDEN HOMESTEAD. Loot everything including the BATTERED FEDORA (Hat) on the table before exiting. Loot the outhouse and continue East and you will shortly discover GRAYGARDEN.

  • Quest Begins: FIRE SUPPORT

12. Harvest all the Mutfruit plants here and other plants then loot what you can from the area (don’t loot red items). Now warp back to SANCTUARY.


1. Store all your Junk and unnecessary Aid in the Workbench (but not MUTFRUIT). Also retrieve any Weapons/Apparel from the Workbench that you deposited earlier.

2. Now select the Quest [WHEN FREEDOM CALLS] and then talk to Preston ATM SBC. QS when he asks about helping another Settlement, reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest completed: WHEN FREEDOM CALLS
  • Quest begins: FIRST STEP



3. Now deselect Quest [FIRST STEP] and select Misceallaneous Quest [TALK TO STURGES]. Talk to Sturges ATM SBC.

  • Quest begins: SANCTUARY

4. Open the Workshop menu and read the Tutorial. Only put 1 BED down inside a building then talk to Sturges.

5. Next place the required WATER PUMPS down, then place down all the MUTFRUITS you collected and assign Settlers to them.

6. Talk to Sturges if required and then place MACHINEGUN TURRETS until the Defense requirement is met. Try to keep everything neat and together.

7. Talk to Sturges again once complete and QS on the 1st dialogue option. Reload this until IS triggers.

  • Quest complete: SANCTUARY


8. Now go into

  • Workshop > Resources > Miscaellaneous and place a BELL.

Also go into

  • Workshop > Power > Miscaellaneous and build a RECRUITMENT RADIO BEACON, then build a GENERATOR-SMALL next to it and WIRE them together.

9. Now enter

  • Workshop > Resources > Miscaellaeneous and build a SCAVENGING STATION, assign a Settler to it if 1 is free.

10. I WILL NOT MENTION THIS AGAIN SO READ CAREFULLY: At Sanctuary you eventually need to have 20 Food (Mutfruits), 20 Water and 40 Defense (Food+Water). You will warp back here quite a lot, as you do, make sure you add these resources to the Settlement if your still short and if possible. Of course, assign Settlers to the Food, and make sure the Scavenging Station is manned. Make sure the Recruitment Radio Beacon is on (should have a green light). And everytime you warp back here, Harvest the Mutfruit Plants!!

11. Now select the [JEWEL OF THE COMMONWEALTH] Quest and warp to GRAYGARDEN.


1. Harvest the Mutfruits here if any have grown back this fast and then travel South slightly until you reach the road beside the River. Follow this road in a Eastern direction.

2. Ignore the first bridge and keep following road East. Stay on the outer road that follows the River as you make your way to the QM.

3. Shortly after discovering CAMBRIDGE POLYMER LABS, you will come to another bridge. Cross this bridge discovering the WRECK OF THE USS RIPTIDE along the way.

4. Continue straight South to the QM. You will notice Diamond City signs along the way and witness a firefight which you will just ignore because I told you to ;).

5. Once at the QM talk to Piper SBC. Once the gate is open, talk to Mayor Mcdonough who is talking with Piper in the entrance. Once you get the Persuasive dialogue option, QS and reload until you successfully Persuade.

6. Afterwards follow the Marker into DIAMOND CITY.

  • Quest begins: STORY OF THE CENTURY

Diamond City Market

1. Shortly after descending the stairs, you will enter DIAMOND CITY MARKET.

2. Continue forward until the QM distance reads ’35’, then look down and you should see a Baseball Base Marker near your feet. Stand on this and face East. Now run almost directly East and just up some steps you will find the 2nd Baseball Marker.

3. From this Marker run almost directly North and you will find the 3rd Baseball Marker beside a lamppost. Now from here, run straight West and you will find the 4th Marker near a Red Neon Detective Sign. Now travel South from here back to the 1st Marker.

4. Now complete this route again making sure you touch each Marker (anticlockwise) and make the route as fast as possible. When done correctly, you will receive a Trophy once when you return back to and touch the 1st Marker.


5. From the 1st Baseball Marker, face NE and you will see ‘Power Noodles Diner’, walk towards this and stop just before.

6. To your right (East) along the outer wall are some Vendors beginning with;

  • Doctor Sun’s ‘Mega Surgery Centre’ on the corner

Followed anti-clockwise by;

  • Solomon’s ‘Chem-I-Care
  • Myrna/Percy’s (depends on the time of day)
  • Diamond City Surplus’
  • Arturo’s ‘Commonwealth Weaponry’
  • and finally Moe Cronin.

Arturo, Myrna and Percy sell 10mm AMMO and this is who you will stock up from.

All Vendors are only available during the day except for Percy who is only available at night.

7. Now, Sell your unwanted Weapons/Apparel/Ammo, purchase 10mm AMMO. Wait on the nearby Diner chairs if you want to change the time, or wait for 48/72 hours if you want to reset/restock a Vendors items.

8. To the NW of Power Noodles is ‘Fallons Basement’ (there will be stairs leading down beside a Shack), which houses another Vendor ‘Fallon’.

9. Enter here and Barter with Fallon, sell your stuff and buy 10mm if there is any available. Also make sure you buy TATTERED RAGS from Fallon. If shes not currently selling them, wait for 48/72 hours on a chair and then try again until she is.

10. Once all done, exit the Basement and watch the scene. Loot the deadguy and after selling all your unwanted gear enter ‘Diamond City Newspaper’ (Publick Occurrences) West of the 1st Baseball Marker.

11. Talk to Piper inside SBC but QS on the 6th/7th dialogue option where the bottom choice is ‘don’t lose hope’. Continue and reload to trigger IS

  • Quest complete: STORY OF THE CENTURY

12. Recruit Piper as your Companion and send Dogmeat to SANCTUARY then loot and exit the house. Now head to Nicks Detective Agency ATM and enter.

During your time in DCM, you may overhear some chatter about the RailRoad which may cause the Quest [ROAD TO FREEDOM] to begin. If you do, make sure its deselected but don’t worry if you don’t hear anything as you will unlock it later.

  • Quest begins: ROAD TO FREEDOM (if you heard the residents chatting about this)

13. Talk to Ellie Perkins and QS on the first dialogue option and select ‘Its Important’, reload if needed. Carry on SBC and QS on the 3rd dialogue option. Reload until you trigger IS.

  • Quest begins: UNLIKELY VALENTINE

14. Exit the Agency and sell anymore newly acquired unwanted gear and purchase more 10mm if needed and then exit DCM following the Marker.


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