Should you Buy The Daybreaker & Scimitar of the Seven?

After completing the main quest for the Gerudo in Tears of the Kingdom, you will be approached by Isha who wants to craft you some legendary Gerudo weapons. In order to it, she wants some basic materials and on top of this, also wants a whopping four diamonds! This means you will be paying at least 2,000 rupees for this gear. This a tall ask, considering diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones in Tears of the Kingdom.

The quest is called the “Pride of the Gerudo” and you can return to her at any time to give her the materials needed to create this gear if you want it. If you have an abundance of diamonds, you could definitely consider it but for most players, you are unlikely to be over-encumbered with your massive stash of diamonds.

Daybreaker & Scimitar of the Seven

Is The Daybreaker & Scimitar of the Seven Worth The Diamonds?

We know from Breath of the Wild that the Daybreaker and Scimitar of the seven are good pieces of gear. The iconic shield and sword that was wielded by the sage Urbosa. They were awarded to the player after they defeated the creature controlling the divine beast.

What we do know about these weapons, as with all weapons in Tears of the Kingdom is that they will degrade and eventually break. Even though the durability of this gear is higher than normal, they will still break at some stage. You can of course save these for boss fights and repair them using the Rock Octorock system but spending 2000 rupees on this gear is very expensive. The gear is good but you will need to decide whether 4 diamonds is really worth parting with for a weapon that is by no means the best in the game.

Should You Give Isha 4 Diamonds For the Arms of the Seven?

This comes down to what you are looking for. The sword and armour are good, but it is not the best in the game. Diamonds are worth a lot of money so it is questionable as to whether you want to spend them on this. The following points below will help you decide whether the arms of the seven are worth it.

  • Do you have no need for more Rupees and Diamonds to spare?
  • Do you love how the sword and shield look?
  • Does it matter that there are lots of more powerful weapons in the game?
  • Is it a problem that this weapon and shield will eventually break?
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