Concrete Farming Guide

concrete farming fallout 76

Concrete is a common crafting material used when building foundations and other structures as part of your camp or workshop. Generally, you will not need a huge amount of this unless you are getting very creative with your CAMP. For those finding themselves with a sudden need for it, you can use this guide to help you out. 

Where To Find Concrete In Fallout 76

There are lots of places to find concrete in Fallout 76. Normally, it is in fairly small quantities. The locations below will help you obtain lots of concrete with minimal effort. 

Workshops and CAMP Concrete Extractors

Concrete doesn’t grow out of the ground in the real world, but it does in Fallout. You can set an extractor on a deposit on the ground and it will generate concrete for you automatically. No need to mix any chemicals to make up what concrete would normally contain. There are a few workshops that have a deposit but you will get the best benefit out of placing your camp on it. The amazing Fallout 76 map has all of the locations marked out for you to make life easy.

concrete location map
Concrete deposits are found all over the map. Build your camp nearby to be able to take advantage of it. Free, infinite source of concrete with little effort

Abandoned Bog Town

This is located on the far right of the map and is not going to be somewhere you will be able to explore with your level 5 character. There is a workshop here and in the area you will be able to find 13 bags of cement. This is a huge volume considering a bag will yield 7 units of concrete. Each visit to this location will get you 91 concrete which is amazing. Server hopping will further help you out in this area, allowing you to build up a huge amount of resources very quickly. The video below will show you where this location is and where to find the bags of cement.

Junk Items That Contain Concrete

It is fairly easy to identify items that contain concrete, but the vast amount of those items can’t be collected or scrapped. Large chunks of concrete you find in the rubble would be difficult to pick up. There are actually very few items that contain cement. Bags of cement are fairly common around construction areas or building storage areas. For most people, garden gnomes are going to be what you find most often. Weird source as you wouldn’t think cement is what gnomes are made of. Either way, here is a list of items you can scrap to get concrete. 

  • Bag of cement
  • Blue garden gnome
  • Broken garden gnome
  • Bulk concrete
  • Concrete scrap
  • Red garden gnome
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