Plastic Farming Guide

plastic farming fallout 76

Plastic is a fairly common resource in Fallout 76 but it is often concentrated in certain areas. Knowing these areas will allow you to pick up a crazy amount of plastic in a short amount of time. Even without knowing the exact locations, knowing the patterns that result in plastic items spawning, will normally help you find lots of it on your own. 

Plastic can be scrapped from any plastic item. The most common items would be plastic cutlery like plates and cups but also from some decorative items like holiday decorations. Canteens, particularly ones in bigger factories and schools are a treasure trove of plastic. 

I won’t bother listing all of the items in the game that contain plastic because there are so many. The vast majority of plastic items have it in their name so it’s not hard to find this stuff. 

Best Place To Find Plastic In Fallout 76

There are actually lots of locations that contain a huge amount of plastic in one location. Here are some of the best places you can go to get a lot of it very easily. 

Morgantown High School

I think this is universally agreed as being one of the best locations in the Fallout 76 to farm plastic. First, because it is at a relatively low level, starting location of the game. Anyone can visit here fairly early on and get by just fine. The other reason this location is great is that the school has a canteen stacked with plastic knives, forks, plates trays. To make it better, the school is also filled with plastic pumpkins which can be picked up and scrapped. Check out the video below for a detailed guide on where to go to find the school and where all the goods are.

Other Canteens/Cafeterias

All schools in the game will contain a canteen that has lots of plastic stuff. You will also find that when you are searching around factories and other big buildings, they may also contain a canteen. Any time you find one of these, you have discovered another motherload of plastic.

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