Mattison's Independence Quest Guide

Mattison's Independence

Tarrey Town is a rather unique town when you compare it to other locations. The more modern style town has some unique structures and some unique things to find. The main focal point of the town is Hudson Construction and when you first speak to him, you will pick up a side quest called Mattison’s Independence. This quest will task you with finding a way to help Hudson spend some time with his daughter Mattison before she is sent off to Gerudo Town for her education.

You may find Mattison running around the town square. If not, she can be found in her bedroom up on the upper floor of the main Hudson building. She will be up here studying in preparation for her trip to Gerudo town.

When you speak to her, she will loop you in on her plans. She will tell you she is learning her words and is going to quiz her grandmother. If you follow her, she will go to the center of the town and begin talking with two elderly women and you will be quizzed about some of the words that are written in her book.

Gerudo Language Quiz Answers

Mattison will ask you some questions relating to the information in her diary, here are the words she will quiz you on.

  • Sav’otta – good morning
  • Voe – boy
  • Vaba – Grandma
  • Sarqso – Thank You
  • Gerudo chiefs pet is named Patricia

Getting Mattison On The Rail Car

After the mini quiz, Mattison will run toward the rail car and watch it from the nearby garden. She will tell you that she used to use this all of the time but now the guy guarding it will not let her use it without paying. You need to find a way to get her to the rail car without the guy noticing.

plank to allow mattison to get to rail car

Find a nearby plank and using the Ultrahand, put it over his head so he can’t see in front of him. He will complain if it is left there too long so you need to run to Mattison as soon as you place the wooden plank to block him from seeing. Go back and tell Mattison that it is safe to go and she will run the railcar.

Painting The Hot Air Baloon Yellow

Use the railcar yourself or just glide down and you will see Hudson and Mattison over next to the balloon. He will tell you that he wants to paint the balloon yellow and he will ask you to find 10 sundelions. These can be found in sky islands or on fallen parts of any of the sky islands. Once you have 10, return to Hudson and give them to him so he can complete the balloon.

You all get to have a ride on the balloon and say goodbye. Kind of a sad tradition but she seems to be excited. Once the balloon ride is over, the quest is complete.

mattison's independence quest guide

Finding Mattison In Gerudo Town

Hudson will ask you to check on Mattison if you are ever in Gerudo town. It does not trigger a quest but it is something that you are able to do. A very similar request that you also get from the Voe locked in the Gerudo prison cell.

You will find Mattison running around the town, playing with some other Gerudo children. When you speak with her she will say that she is happy and that she loved the balloon ride.

mattison in gerudo town

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