How To Get Inside Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower

How To Get Inside Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower

Skyview towers are scattered all over Hyrule and interacting with them is essential if you want to clear large areas of the map to get an idea of the landscape. Most of the towers are a simple case of walking inside and interacting with the terminal. The Skyview Tower in Eldin Canyon is an exception to this, however. When you get there, you will find the door locked and you can’t get inside. Here is what you need to do.

When you speak to the person outside the door, they will mention that the roof of the tower was blown off and you will see it sitting on the ground next to the steps. This is the clue. You need to enter the tower through the roof. So how do you get up there? Climbing isn’t going to work and since this tower is the tallest thing in the region, gliding in is not going to work…or will it?

Now that we have a large number of new structures in the sky, it is much easier to look down on Hyrule from high above. If you face the tower from the bottom of the stairs, you may notice that large rocks will be falling from the land above to the left. Even if you have not spotted one, run to the left and look over the edge of the cliff.

The area below will contain a large flat rock and you will see multiple fallen stones sitting on this. Jump down and use the time reversal ability to cause the rock to rise up into the sky while you are standing on it. Once the rock gets all the way to the top and is not rising anymore, you should have a perfect view of the top of the tower. Jump off the rock and glide over to the Eldin Canyon Skyview tower. Once you are above the hole, drop down into the tube, making sure to open your glider before you hit the ground so you do not end up dying.

Not that you are inside, you will be able to open the door, interact with the terminal and more importantly, launch yourself into the clouds to survey the land below.

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