Gerudo Town Message In a Bottle For Voe

If you have been spending some time in the Gerudo underground water cave after clearing the Gibdo plague from the land, you may spot some glass bottles with a message in them floating around. If you take one of the bottles out of the water and read it, you will see it is a message from a Gerudo woman who is looking for a lover but it doesn’t trigger a side quest.

This is the second task worthy of a side quest in the Gerudo town that does not trigger one after the prison voe side activity. Here is what you need to do to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Follow The Trail of Bottles Floating In The Water

You need to start following the trail of bottles that are flowing down the water stream underground. It is a mystery how she has so many and thinks these will end up getting somewhere but keep following them. It will lead you to a dead end where you will see a rope coming down from the roof above and a clay jar connected to it.

You will see that the message in a bottle is coming down from the crack in the roof above. If you use the ascend ability to get up, you will find it is a Gerudo woman called Calyban dropping the bottles down hoping to attract a husband but she does not want to speak to you.

message in bottle Gerudo Town

Return The Message In a Bottle to Calyban

Go back down to the cave below by jumping through the crack in the floor. Using the Ultrahand ability, grab a bottle and lift it up through the crack in the floor. When the bottle is in the room above, head back up again using the Uplift ability. Grab the bottle and put it next to the woman and speak with her again. She will be dismissive at first and then realise that you are the Voe of her dreams.

She will tell you that she needs to go and cook you a meal and leave the caves. She will make her way just around the corner and cook you a rather disgusting-sounding meal. Not quite relationship material just yet.

calyban in gerudo town

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