How To Get Inside The Gerudo Prison Cell

When you are exploring the Gerudo underground cave beneath the town, you will find that there is a prison cell with a man standing inside. If you speak to the guard, she will tell you that there is no way to get inside this cell other than breaking the rules of the Gerudo people. So surely if you want to get inside, you are going to need to break some rules!

Well, the way inside doesn’t involve breaking any rules at all. There is actually a secret way for you to break into the prison in Gerudo Town. This can be handy if you are trying to get to the bottom of the unmarked quest about the wife and child of the man who is in jail.

When you are standing outside the jail cell, looking at the man behind the bars, walk to the left and you will find there is a room with a bottle above the door. Walk down here and when you enter the room, turn to the right and you will see a bunch of shelves with things on them.

At the bottom left of this shelf unit, you will see two white jars. You can smash these jars and crawl in behind this shelf. It will be a tight area inside but if you walk to the far end of this area, you will end up directly below the prison cell. Using the uplift ability, you will be able to make your way into the cell by going up through the floor.

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