Guide to The Great Fairy Fountains

great fairy fountain

The Great Fairies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom play a pivotal role in enhancing the abilities of your armour. However, they are not as easily found as in the predecessor, Breath of the Wild. In this sequel, the Great Fairies have been relocated, and each one has a unique quest that you must complete to access their powers. This guide will help you locate and make the most out of these mystical beings.

You must discover each of the great fairies in a specific order with the first being at woodland stable. From here, the quest line will guide you through the process of freeing each of the great fairies so you can purchase the armor upgrades for all of the different armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom.

great fairy inside pod
When you find a great fairy, it will be locked up inside a flower pod and refuses to come out.

Serenade To a Great Fairy Quest

Your journey to find the Great Fairies begins at the Woodland Stable, situated to the east of Hyrule Castle, in the region of Eldin. Here, you’ll meet a character named Penn who is a Rito who works for a newspaper. He will introduce you to Mastro who is standing nearby on the bandstand. Mastro will be your main point of contact for every Great Fairy quest in Tears of the Kingdom going forward.

Serenade To a Great Fairy quest guide
Repair the wagon and speak with the band and you can drive them up the hill to the fairy pod.

Mastro will speak of how the great fairy can be lured out with the music of a violin but their wagon is broken and the horse has run off. You will need to repair the wagon by attaching wheels to it and then using your horse to pull the trailer. In order to do this, you will need to have unlocked the towing harness by collecting enough Pony Points at the stables.

violin for the fairy

There are four Great Fairies to find in this game, each with its own unique location and quest. Here is where to find each of them

Great Fairy Tera

Tera can be found near the Woodland Stable, next to Pico Pond in Eldin Canyon. Use your map and head towards the coordinates 1046, 1145, 0022. There, you will find Tera’s pod and can initiate her quest.

Great Fairy Kaysa

Your journey to find Kaysa will take you to the Outskirt Stable, located southwest of Hyrule Field. Travel to the coordinates 1404, -1266, 0032, and you will find Kaysa’s pod. Talk to her to begin her quest.

Great Fairy Cotera

Cotera is located near Dueling Peaks Stable to the west. Navigate to the coordinates 1757, -1957, 0010, southeast of West Necluda and south of Kakariko Village, to find Cotera’s Great Fairy Fountain.

Great Fairy Mija

Information regarding Mija’s location is currently not provided, but it’s important to note that she’s the fourth Great Fairy in the game. As with the other fairies, once you find her location, you’ll need to complete her quest to access her pod.

The Role of the Great Fairies

The Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom are essential for upgrading your armor. After completing their quests and coaxing them out of their pods, these mystical beings will use their magic to enhance the abilities of your armor, making you more resilient in the face of the many challenges you will face in your adventure.

Always remember that in the world of Hyrule, knowledge is as powerful as the sword. Therefore, knowing where to find these Great Fairies and how to complete their quests will give you an upper hand in your quest to bring peace back to the kingdom. Happy adventuring!

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