Crude Sythe Or A Crude Blade For Crops?

During the game’s main tutorial, you will be shown how to use a blade to cut crops in order to harvest straw and grain seeds. Since wheat is going to be the primary source of gold for quite some time. You will need to ensure you have a very solid and robust farm that can handle a lot of spikes in demand.

If you hover over grain, you will see that it is possible to harvest it using a blade or a scythe. If you have seen a scythe in real life, it would make sense that this would be a far more efficient tool for harvesting wheat compared to a simple blade. Is this the case in the game

Is a Scythe Better Than a Blade For Crops?

The short answer to this is yes, it is significantly better. Having spent time dealing with large spikes in demand for crops, I had thrown close to 20 bots to do all of the farm-related jobs of harvesting wheat and it was still struggling. Upon upgrading all harvesters to use a scythe instead of a blade, the speed went through the roof. The threshers were unable to keep up with the insane speed at which the guys were cutting the crops at.

scythe or blade
A scythe will cut down crops considerably faster than a blade would.

I did a bit of testing to verify the difference between both. Using a blade, it takes 18 cuts to harvest some grain. With a scythe, the grain can be harvested in 10 hits. This is almost twice as efficient as using a blade to cut the crops down.

If you are dealing with performance issues on your farm, I would highly suggest you ditch blades and move over to using scythes to harvest grain. It is considerably faster and more efficient and will consume far fewer blades and supplies.

using blades or scythes
Having switched over to using scythes, my farm quickly fell into a backlog that the threshers couldnt keep up with
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