How To Get Dragon Teeth

how to get dragon teeth

If you have spent any amount of time looking over the different armor you can create, you will have undoubtedly spotted the dragon armor. This is most definitely one of the coolest-looking armour sets in the game, the drawback is the hard-to-find crafting components. Dragon teeth are going to be one of the first dragon-related crafting components you will need when dealing with this armor set. Where do you get dragon teeth from?

Dragon teeth are not actually dropped from dragons..weirdly! Early in the game, one of the first major boss battles is against a crocodile-like creature called a Draki. You will come across these creatures in pairs a few times throughout the game and this will be your source of dragon teeth.

how to get dragon teeth
Killing Draki will be the source of dragon teeth for crafting

Seems to be a bit of an odd source when the game does actually have dragons in it. Dragons will be your source of claws and if you are looking for teeth, these creatures are what you are looking for.

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