How To Craft A Sledgehammer

How To Craft A Sledgehammer

As you begin to expand your war against the pirates across the map, you will eventually find yourself at an outpost where you have a pirate barracks. These structures will keep producing new pirates to attack you. Unless you destroy the building, they won’t stop.

The solution to this is to craft bots called sappers. These guys are equipped with heavy hammers and will destroy pirate buildings for you. The key item needed to create these guys is a sledgehammer but where can you get one of these from?

Crafting Sledgehammers For Slappers

In order to create sledgehammers for slappers to use, you will need to find a source of rough stone blocks. These are different to regular stone blocks and will need a few advanced tools to harvest such as a chisel, which cant be created using a standard workbench.

How To Craft A Sledgehammer
The recipe in the armoury will allow you to craft a sledgehammer using a wooden mallet and a rough stone block

Once you are able to craft a sledgehammer from the Armoury, you will be able to start building up a team of slappers to destroy enemy buildings.

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