How Signposts Work

Signposts are available from the very start of Autonauts Vs Piratebots but the game doesn’t really push you toward using them. They may not seem all that important, especially if you are making some assumptions from your time playing Minecraft. Signposts are actually a really useful item for helping speed up your automation.

Signposts serve two purposes. First, as a way for you to mark a location on the map using some text that you can type into the sign. It can help you quickly find something but what it also does is allow you to mark a rectangular location on the map that can be used by bots as a target area.

blueprint build area
Using a signpost is a handy way to setup a build area for your blueprints or any other common area of automation in the game.

Let’s say that you want to setup a forest to harvest wood. You will start by creating a bot with an axe and setting a region for him to chop down the trees. Then you make a bot to pick up the logs and get him to find them in the same region. What you can do to save time is to place a sign down and mark the region that you want to set as the forest. From here, any bot you want to work as part of the forest, be it planting seeds, chopping trees or harvesting wood, you simply need to point at the sign and it will automatically set the region.

An additional advantage to using signposts is that when you move the location, expand it or make any sort of changes, all of the robots that are set to use this sign, will automatically have their target area updated with it!

The video below will show you the point where I finally got around to making the most of the signposts for my blueprint building automation.

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